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In 1993, the Central Feed and Seed store closed their doors for good. Two years later Cathy and Rob Lippincott bought the building for the purpose of expanding the modest taqueria they had on East Oltorf to a larger location with the hopes of continuing the tradition of a meeting place for locals and newcomers alike.

Güero’s Taco Bar is a vibrant part of South Austin, where the locals flock for hand-shaken margaritas made in the original way with fresh-squeezed lime juice. ¡Muy peligroso! Just about any Mexican beer you name can be served up icy cold. Our bar will remind you of the great old cantinas you have visited in Mexico.

If you’re looking for interior Mexican food with a hint of Tex-Mex you are in the right spot! We have everything from handmade corn tortillas and Mole to authentic Tacos al Pastor.

Don’t worry if there’s a wait, you can enjoy live music, full bar and appetizers in our Oak Garden (Wednesday-Sunday). With over 35 years in Austin, Güero’s Taco Bar is the perfect meeting spot for friends and family. So come on in and let us do what we do best. The staff at Güero’s is friendly, eclectic and dedicated to Güero’s long-term commitment to service. Thanks for coming by!

Lyle & Bette Lippincott: The young sister duo, Lyle and Bette Lippincott, have been running the iconic Austin restaurant for years. Originally opened by their parents Rob and Cathy Lippincott in 1986, the sisters relationship with Güero’s started early, spending time with their parents at the restaurant and observing them operate the business at a young age. As they got older, they both realized that they have a natural affinity for hospitality and the restaurant industry, and decided to join the family business.

Rob & Cathy Lippincott: Fueled by their love of Mexican street food, husband and wife super team Rob and Cathy Lippincott, opened Güero’s in 1986 and launched one of the most iconic restaurants in Austin. The couple has collectively over 60 years of hospitality experience and have worked with and guided their daughters to be the second-generation to take-over the restaurant as it continues to strive in balance with modern improvements.




Auburn McCormick

Friday, Güero’s Taco Bar

McLemore Avenue

Saturday, Güero’s Taco Bar

Texas Radio Live Presents: Gus Miller

Wednesday, Güero’s Taco Bar

Charlie Pierce

Saturday, Güero’s Taco Bar

Jonas Alverez Band

Sunday, Güero’s Taco Bar

Blues in the Night

Thursday, Güero’s Taco Bar

The House of Songs Presents: Andrea Magee, Pete Muller, Dickie Lee Irwin

Friday, Güero’s Taco Bar

Los Funky Monkeys

Thursday, Güero’s Taco Bar

Auburn McCormick

Friday, Güero’s Taco Bar

The Feral Four

Saturday, Güero’s Taco Bar

Rochelle & The Sidewinders

Saturday, Güero’s Taco Bar

Güero'sEVENTS... To-Go!

Güero’s events, now via large to-go orders. Contact us at catering@guerostacobar.com to get started.

We serve authentic interior Mexican food with a hint of Tex-Mex. Our menu offers something for everyone, whether you’re a meat lover or vegan. With over 30 years experience in Austin, Güero’s Taco Bar has the local experience to make your event a hit. Let our friendly staff create a memorable event for you and your guests, and leave the cooking to us!

For a personal consultation on Events by Güero’s, please call 512.447.7688 or email catering@guerostacobar.com

Find Out More About What Güero's Events To-Go Can Do For You

Event managers Lyle and Bette Lippincott are second-generation Güero’s owners. They grew up in the restaurant business and are excited to be part of the events team. Traveling to Mexico throughout their lives has given them a first-hand perspective on the atmosphere you’d want at your parties. They will work seamlessly to make sure your food comes through without a hitch.

``Güero's is what Austin is all about - the food is very fresh and authentic, and they make the best margaritas in Central Texas. It is where we take visitors from out of town and where we meet family and friends for celebrations and good times. We also use their event services for parties and dinners at our home and have been thrilled with the food and event team. It is our favorite place to dine in Austin.``

Testimonial Mary

``I recommend Güero's Mexican Restuarant's events to-go for parties. We had their food for Ryann Shea's graduation celebration at the house and everyone kept asking me about the food. Their queso is the best and the pinwheels are beautiful on a platter and so so many guests kept asking me what was in them cuz they loved them. They are my favorite! YEA for Güero's!``

Testimonial Renee



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